Il Gruppo Donatello

Donatello is recognized as one of the greatest early Florentine masters. His sculptures set a standard for later masters like Michelangelo. Today, "Il Gruppo Donatello" (Donatello's Group), is Florence's oldest and most venerated Art society.

Gruppo Donatello's President, Prof. Dominico Viggiano, has been Director for the past nineteen years of The Accademia di Belle Arti, the oldest and most prestitigious school of Fine Arts in Florence. According to Prof. Viggiano, Michelangelo was the first Director of this school, and his statue of David and many other masterpieces of the Renaissance are in the care of their museum.

Group headquarters, Galleria Donatello, located on the Piazza Donatello in the artists' quarters near the Accademia Belle Arti, continues this tradition as a venue for the finest European contemporary artists. In June, 2005, an American artist, Steve Bernard Lance, will present a two-week solo exhibition under the auspices of this prestigious Society in this gallery.