About Florence for Florence, 2005

Florence, Italy, city of Galileo, of Michelangelo, of Leonardo, of Brunelleschi, of Americus Vespucci, for whom the Americas are named, is so at the heart of Italian culture that the Florentine dialect is the formal dialect of all Italy. The Renaissance was greatly funded by Florentine merchants and bankers like the Medici family who established its measure of currency, the Florin ( the root of the English language version of the name Firenze) as a monetary standard throughout the trade-world after the middle-ages. Its ancient streets and plazas are lined with priceless masterpieces of art, architecture and history that draw people from all over the world, as they have for centuries.

We will entice you with images of Florence, Italy schedules of events for the summer of 2005, and opportunities to arrange your participation in all the festivities to get you to "be there" in every sense. Our plan is to showcase art, culture and society of Florence and Tuscany on the Internet. We hope you find these prospects very stimulating, and we invite you to contact us.