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Florence 2005 :: Preparation for the Show...

A preparatory trip to Italy in June and July 2003 has revealed the space where next year's show will be. It's a spare, all-white room with windows high on the tall walls, allowing light to spill into the area. The corner building housing Il Gruppo Donatello's gallery is on the Via degli Artisti, in the old section of Florence where Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelanglo lived and worked, explained the president of the society, Domenico Viggiano. Professor Viggiano, a noted artist himself, has also been Director of the Accademia di Belle Arti for the past 19 years. We attended also the opening of this year's Mostra Apertro, open air exhibit, in the Piazza Donatello. This Art Exhibit in the Summer of 2005 will follow our solo exhibition and we will participate in it as well.

Now begins the work of completing paintings, beginning new ones, arranging framing and shipping, and the actual realization of the exhibition, in a gallery steeped in and surrounded by history, operated by prestigious artists and scholars.