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"every centimeter of his paintings is important..."


"Like Masaccio's, every centimeter of his paintings is important..." , Professor Domenico Viggiano, Director Accademia di Belle Arti; Florence, Italy; June, 2004

Steve Lance was educated as an engineer and industrial designer in the 1960's. He returned to school in the 80's to study Fine Arts and change careers to follow this compulsion. Since then he has operated independent studios and galleries in Oregon, Hawaii, and Georgia. He presently co-owns Design Productions International, an independent studio, with his wife, Colleen, a voice and acting talent. He is Art Director and Head Conservator at Avery Fine Art, Miami Circle, Atlanta, where since 1992 he has overseen the production of custom period frames and the restoration of hundreds of period pieces of Art. As an associate member of the International Society of Appraisers he has appraised the works of such distinguished collections as that of the Woodruff library at Emory University.

As an artist, Mr. Lance has been motivated for many years by techniques of painters prior to the 20th century and to a particular method of painting described today as "indirect painting". His work in this technique has earned him high praise in one of the cities that most exemplifies the history of traditional painting, Florence, Italy. He has been actively involved in the Art Community of Florence since 2002 when he was offered a solo exhibition there by Il Gruppo Donatello, the oldest sanctioned Art Society officially recognized by the government of the City. His 2004 show in the Society's Galleria Donatello, entitled "Ponti" (Bridges) and co-hosted by the American Consulate, achieved great academic acclaim. His is the only work by an American in the permanent collection of Galleria Donatello, and his annual exhibitions in their Mostra Aperto in the Piazza Donatello--unprecedented for an American-- have cemented his small part in the Art History of legendary Florence. His participation in exhibitions for fund-raising efforts in the Museo dell'Officina Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce in conjunction with his presence on the Board of Directors of Angels of Florence, an international charitable institution sanctioned by the City to fund the preservation of the great public Art of Florence, have given him the great honor of helping to conserve an important part of the world's artistic heritage.

His hopes are to continue just as he is, except more effectively for his age and experience, and being a survivor of numerous brushes with mortality, including Vietnam and cancer among others, to do the most with his gift of life to help preserve life and culture. Hopefully this will mean an actual Art School someday where he can teach the techniques of which he has become so fond.


Steve Bernard Lance
2291 Jay Lane
Atlanta GA 30080 USA
Phone/Fax: 770-432-1885
Email: designprointl@charter.net


Brevard, North Carolina, 13 January, 1948


Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana; Engineering, Industrial Design; 1965-1969, Honors

Western Oregon State University, Monmouth, Oregon; Fine Art, Mathematics, Education; 1983-1985, Honors


US Army, 1969-1971, Bronze Star


Art Director, Avery Fine Art and Framing; Atlanta, Georgia
Co-owner, Design Productions International; Smyrna, Georgia
Board of Directors; Angels of Florence; Florence, Italy; Washington, D.C.
Associate, International Society of Appraisers


Most two and three dimensional materials


Admiral Capital Corp. San Jose, CA
Art Associates; Honolulu, Hawaii (past)
Atlanta Artists Club, best in show 1996
Avery Fine Art; Atlanta, Georgia
Awa and Associates, AIA; Honolulu,Hawaii
Century Art; New York, NY (past)
Ceri M., Florence, Italy
Cherished; Seaside, FL
Dole Corporation; Honolulu, Hawaii
Expo "86"; Vancouver, B.C.
Four Seasons Hotel; Atlanta, Georgia
Hawaii Watercolor Society (past)
Heathrow Country Club; Orlando, FL
High Curiosity: Tequesta, FL
Hui No'eau, Maui; Hawaii (past)
Il Gruppo Donatello, Florence, Italy
Image Design Inc.; Atlanta, Georgia
Island Collections Gallery; Lanai, Hawaii (past)
Johnson Hall Fine Art; Roswell, GA
Kellon Design; Seaside, Florida
Manele Bay Hotel; Lanai, Hawaii
Mason Murer Gallery; Atlanta, Georgia
North Shore Country Club, Chicago Illinois
Rock Resorts Corp.; Lanai, Hawaii
Sherwood Country Club; Thousand Oaks, California
TAG Studio Interiors; the Greenbrier, Lewisburg, West Virginia
US Consulate; Florence, Italy

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