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Modern Realism - CATALOG

Volume 1

Dates given are dates of completion

001 345 East Jackson, watercolor diptic, 30"X22", sold
002 Nude in Two Techniques, graphite, 16"X24"
003 Bridge on Barnhart Rd., watercolor, 30"X22", sold
004 My Great Grandfather's House (reversed), watercolor, 30"X22", sold
005 Hydrangeas, watercolor, 30"X22", sold
006 Pulse, watercolor, 48'X60", sold
007 Seven, watercolor, 22'X30",sold
008 Up the Rickreal, watercolor, 30"X22", sold
009 Luna, watercolor, 22"X30"
010 Burgundy Abstraction, oil diptych, 2 pcs. 24"X24"
011 Shannon Daly Lance Portrait, oil, 30"X40"
012 Serious Study, Oil, 60"X40"
013 Framed, graphite, 16"X24"
014 Reclined Nude Contour, graphite, 24"X16"
015 Morning Sun, watercolor, 30"X22",sold
016 Pinkie, watercolor, 30"X22", sold
017 Roan Nude, watercolor, 22"X30"
018 Two Nudes Sumi-E, watercolor, 22"X15"
019 Potted Geraniums, watercolor, 24"X24", sold
020 The Astronomer, Walnut life-size sculpture, donated WOSC
021 Monmouth/Independence, The End of the Oregon Trail,relief carving in cedar, 6'X 24', commissioned for 1984 World's Fair , Vancouver B.C.
022 Azaleas, watercolor, 22"X30", sold
023 In the Fogline, watercolor, 30'X22", sold
024 Seventh and Lanai Ave., watercolor, 30"X22",sold
025 Bouganvilla Kahala, watercolor, 30"X22"
026 Kahala Thicket, watercolor, 30"X22"
027 Birds at Hulopoe, watercolor, 30"X22", sold Spencer
028 Tropicals in a Vase, watercolor, 22"X30", sold
029 Oahu-Port Lock, watercolor, 30"X20"
030 Leila at Manele, watercolor, 30"X22'
031 Wild Blues, watercolor, 22"X30", sold
032 The Richardson Houses, watercolor, 30"X22",sold
033 Banyan Tree Lahaina, watercolor, 30"X22"
034 Jacarandas in Lalakoa Gulch, oil, 24"X18",sold
036 Bouganvilla in Tall Grass, watercolor, 22"X22", sold
037 Pineapple Pickers #1, oil, 30"X24", sold Nemetz
038 Birds at Hulopoe II, watercolor, 30"X22"sold
039 Pineapple Pickers #2-Before 2nd Gulch, oil, 36"X36", sold Wood
040 Pineapple Pickers #3, oil, 36"X36", sold Nogami
041 Pineapple Pickers #4/Reflections, oil, 19"X28", sold Willison
042 Pineapple Pickers #5, oil, 32"X24", sold Carroll
043 Koele's Banyan, watercolor, 20"X26", sold Rock Resorts
044 Trellis Behind Koele, watercolor, 14"X19", sold R.R.
045 Porch at Koele, watercolor, 14"X19", sold R.R.
046 Koele's Banyan II, watercolor, 22"X30"
047 Richardson's House-Koele Lodge, oil, 48"X36", sold Egan
048 Birds of Paradise, watercolor, 30"X22", sold
049 Portrait Leila Jones, watercolor, 30"X22", gift Jones
050 Hawaiian Foliage, watercolor, 22"X15" approx., sold
051 View from Niu Valley Cottage, watercolor, 22"X30", wedding gift to Farnsworth
052 North Over Palawai Basin, oil 34"X20" sold
053 Pineapple Pickers #6, oil, 35"X24" sold
054 Out My Studio Window, Ka Huipoe Melissa, watercolor, 20"X24"
055 Pineapple Pickers #7, oil, 32"X24", Awa commission
056 Victorian Tennis Scene 1, oil, 40"X30", Sherwood Country Club Commission
057 Victorian Tennis Scene 2, oil, 40"X30", as #
056, sold Sherwood Country Club, California
058 Set of eight 8"X10" figure drawings, ink on paper, tennis players, Sherwood Country Club
059 Jeremy Surfing, watercolor, 30"X20", Farnsworth comm.
060 Pineapple Pickers #8, oil, 36"X36", Meyer commission
061 Pineapple Pickers #9, oil, 36"X36", Winther comm.
062 Kuipoe, the Legend of Sweetheart Rock, Kiawe wood sculpture diptych, 30" height, Lanai Co.
063 The King as a Boy, Kiawe wood, 3/4 size bust
064 The Doors for Manele Bay Hotel, 18 carved Teak panels
065 Lanai Plantation House, watercolor, 22"X15", Lanai Resorts Commission

Volume Two

066 Picking the West Slopes, Lanai; Pineapple Pickers #10; Oil; 40"X32"sold
067 Sunrise, Salinas Valley, Flower Pickers; Oil; 32"X24", sold
068 Victorian Blush; Watercolor; 22"X30"
069 Seven Birds a Feeding, Heron of the South Carolina Lowlands; Watercolor; 22"X30"
070 The Red Ball; Oil on Canvas; 32"X24"
071 Before Second Gulch #5, Pineapple Series #11; 36"X36"; Oil on Canvas; commissioned by Mr. Henry Roenick
072 The Fourth of July,an American Annunciation; Oil on Canvas, 24"X32"
073 Pineapple Pickers #12; oil on canvas; 32"X24",sold
074 The Bouganvilla Pickers; oil on canvas: 30"X30" sold
075 Bicycle Path, Hilton Head; oil on canvas; 24"X18"
076 Calawasee; oil on canvas; 48"X30"
077 The Game at Manele Beach, sketch; oil on canvas;22"X11"; sold
078 Florida Scene, Fantasy the Gazebo; Oil on canvas; 30"X40", commissioned
079 Florida Scene, Fantasy from the porch; oil on canvas; 30"X40"; commissioned South Florida country club
080 doni tondo paraphrase, 36" diameter, Oil on Canvas, Lanai Resorts
081 Great Grandfather's House, oil on canvas, 28''X32" gift to my father, family collection
082 Golf, strength with age; oil on canvas; 36"X24" sold
083 Golf, Georgia country club commission; oil on canvas 36"X24"
084 Golf, putting; Georgia Country Club commission; oil on canvas, 24"x36"
085 Picking the South Rim, oil on canvas, 14''X11'', sold
086 Her Own Footprints; oil on canvas, 24"X32",
087 Running With The Boys; oil on canvas, 32"X24", sold
088 Melissa's Wedding Portrait; oil on canvas, 24"X42", family collection
089 Honfluer Montage; oil on canvas, 50"X31 1/2"; commissioned by Evelyn and Philip Avery, March 1994
090. Golf, Follow-through; oil on canvas, 24" X 36"
091. for the Chicago Stadium Club, Two Players, Sports Study in Red and Black; 24" X 30", Oil on canvas
092. Withdrawal from Kennesaw Mountain, oil on masonite 18" X 80", written statement, commissioned by William Dunaway for the 1848 House, Bushy Park Plantation historically, Marietta, Georgia, Mayor's office Marietta
093. A Silhouetted Picker, looking South over the South Rim of Palawai Basin, Lanai; 14" X 18", oil on canvas, sold


094. Cliveden's Rose Cottage, after a mid nineteenth century photograph by Henry Taunt, oil on canvas, 18.25" X 13.62", sold
095. Abandoned Railroad Bridge, Etowah River, near Cartersville, Georgia; oil on canvas, 24"X36", juried first place;Atlanta Artists Club; Spring 1997
096. Hydrangeas, watercolor on paper, 15" X 22 1/2"
097. Marietta Confederate Cemetery, "Our love should live on in the lives we left behind. All else should lie here." Oil on canvas, 50" X 40".
098. Maiden Hair Falls; Brevard, North Carolina; 50" X 39"; oil on canvas
099. untitled, ink on paper 25X19.5, Venice scene,series commisioned
100. ditto
101. ditto
102. ditto
103. ditto
104. ditto
105. untitled, ink on paper 19.5X25, Venice scene
107. ditto
108. ditto
109. ditto
110. ditto
113. ditto
114. Untitled ink on paper, 25 X 19.5
115. W.C. Earnhardt, portrait, pencil on paper,13" X 13", gift to W.C.
116. Four Seasons Mirror,1994,5' X 8', Wood, Polyester resin, gesso, bole, metal leaf gilt, glass,sold
117. Carved Florentine scroll mirror, 26" X 42" +/-, wood, gesso ,bole, 22kt gold gilt, glass,sold
118. A pair of Four Seasons Mirrors, 3' X 4' ea., as #116, sold
119. Four Seasons mirror, 5' X 4', as # 116,sold
120. Art Nouveau Mirror, celadon and gold, 78" X 87" (?), wood,composition, polyester resin, epoxy, gesso, bole, metal leaf gilt, casein paint, shellac,sold
121. Fauna Fantasy mirror, 36" X 57.5", wood, epoxy, gesso, bole, metal leaf gilt, casein, shellac, glass,sold
122. Fauna Fantasy, mirror, 36.5" X 53", as #121 except copper guilt, different design,sold
123. Gilt mirror, carving and casting 4'X5', Spring,set commissioned by Four Seasons Hotel, Atlanta
124. " " " " , Summer
125. " " " " , Fall
126 " " " " , Winter
127. Gilt Mirror, carving and casting 5'X4', Fours Seasons,sold
128 Gilt Mirror, carving and casting 33"X50", Rose theme,sold
129. Colleen Reading, Oil on Canvas,18"X14",11-1-00
130. Portrait of Colleen, Oil on canvas, 17"X21", arched top in restored Pre-Raphaelite Frame, 11-1-00


131. La Vue de sur la Samaritane, Paris, Sept. 00, Oil on gessoed plywood, 19"X13.5"
132. Spirito di Firenze, Uffizi, Oil on gessoed block, 8.5"X 10", 2001
133. Duomo di Brunelleschi,a Via Dei Servi e Via De Pucci, Oil on gessoed block, 8.5" X 10.25", 2001, sold
134. Wisteria Fantasy, Mirror Frame, wood, epoxy resin, gesso, 12kt and 22kt gilt, 48" X 72", 2001, commissioned as the following.
135. Wisteria Fantasy, Mirror Frame, wood, epoxy resin, gesso, 12kt and 22kt gilt, 48" X 72" 2001
136. Wisteria Fantasy, Mirror Frame, wood, epoxy resin, gesso, 12kt and 22kt gilt, 57" X 64", 2001
137. Wisteria Fantasy, Mirror Frame, wood, epoxy resin, gesso, 12kt and 22kt gilt, 57" X 64", 2001
138. Harry's Bar, Firenze, oil on gessoed wood panel,12" X 10 1/4" 11-12/01comissioned by Harry's Bar, lost in transit
139. Great Uncle Horace, his first house after marriage, South Carolina, circa 1938, 30" x 24" , 12/01, family collection
140. Grayton Beach Sunset,Florida, Oil on Gesssoed Board, 30"X16 1/2", 2001/2 sold
141. Surf Fishers at Grayton, Florida, Oil on Gessoed Board, 15"X 12", 2001/2 sold
142. The view North at Grayton Beach, Florida, oil on gessoed board, 14"X12", 2001/2 sold
143. The View South at Grayton Beach, Florida, Oil on Gessoed Board,12"X15",2001/2 sold
144. The Best Time, Grayton Beach Florida, Oil on Gessoed Board, 12"X15",2001/2
145. "Due Ponti di Firenze", Oil on Gessoed Board, 15"X12", 2001/2 sold US Consulate to Florence, William McIlheny.
146. Lazzaro Minghelli, Oil on Gessoed Board,10 3/8"X 11 3/4"/ 2002 gift to Minghelli family
147. Western Lake at Sunrise, Grayton Beach Fla., Oil on Gessoed Board, 20"X12", 2002
148. Evelyn and Philip Avery and Maggie, Oil on gessoed board, 12"X16", 2002, gift to Averys
149. Surf Fishers at Grayton Beach, Florida; Oil on Gessoed Board; 18"X12", 2002, sold
150. Sunbathing at Grayton Beach, Florida; Oil on Gessoed Board; 18"X12", 2002, sold
151. Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, Paris, Oil on canvas, 30"X24",2002
152. Latin Quarter, Paris, Oil on gessoed board, 24"X36", 2002
153. L'hommes,6"X7", Oil on Gessoed Board, commissioned Cafe Michel
154. Les Femmes,6"X7", Oil on Gessoed Board, Commissioned, Cafe Michel, 2002
155. Pineapple Pickers circa 1987, Oil on Gessoed Board, 25"X20", commissioned by Mckiernan,11-2002
156. Venus, her suitor and putti, Oil on gessoed Board, image 2¾"X3¾", sold
157. Daoudi's Umbrella, Florence, Piazza della Signoria, seen from the arcade of the Ufizzi; oil on gessoed board, 12"X20", June 2003. I began this painting in Florence sitting among a number of other artists both displaying and producing their work. I set up next to one of them Karim Daoudi, whose work I admired, particularly his ink drawings. We talked as I painted and struck off a good relationship that has endured. Daoudi lives in the old artist's quarters on Via Borgo Pinti. His gear included an umbrella, hence the title. When I paint large crowds like this, interesting characters often appear in the scene. In this one can find a Moorish trader in a green kaftan and a circle of gypsy dancers among other characters.
158. Ponte Vecchio from the Cannoteri di Firenze, oil on gessoed board, 15"X12", June 2003, gift to my daughter Jesse on her graduation.
159. French Rocco screen 8'X6'+, wood, gesso, epoxe, traditional gilt, glass, 2003, in studio at Avery, sold
160. South over the Arno, San Frediano, Oil on gessoed board, 20"X12",June 2003
161. Notre Dame de Paris au coucher du soliel Oil on gessoed board, 20"X12", June 2003,sold
162. La Tour Eiffel, Oil on gessoed board, 20"X12", June 2003
163. Gladiolas, still-life, Oil on gessoed board, 30"X50", July 2003, sold Bush
164. Firenze al tramonto come visto dal Piazza Michelangelo,Florence at sunset as seen from Piazza Michelangelo, Oil on gessoed board, 60"X30", September 2003
165. Atlanta's skyline at sunrise as seen from the overlook above Vinings, 60"X30", November 2003
166. Set of 13 period mirrors Medieval to Art Deco, each approx 10"X14", wood, epoxe, compo, gesso and traditional gilt
167. le rose e le viti di Montalcino, 28 3/8"X46", Oil on gessoed board.
168. Un rematore sull'Arno, 25 3/8"X17 ¾", Oil on gessoed board, novembre '03
169. Yellow variations with grapes, Montecito show house, San Bernadino, Ca., Triptych, 3ea. 19"X19"
170. Duomo Milano, 30"X50", Oil on gessoed board (OGB), Dec 03
171. Lilacs, watercolor on paper, 22" X 30",
172. Abstract 172, 23 7/8" X 48", Oil on canvas, Jan '04
173. Sophia Massarini, OGB, oval 11X16.5cm, Dec '03, gift to Massarini family
174. Eugenia Massarini, OGB, oval 11X16.5cm, Dec '03, gift to Massarini family
175. Un Canale in Venezia, OGB, 45X45.5cm,
176. Il Vento di Orvietto, Oil on gessoed board, 26X20, 2004
177. Calla Lilies, OGB, 23"X30", 2004
178. Il Ballo da vita, Oil on Gessoed Canvas (OGC), 24"X36", 2004
179. Nel Ciliegetto, OGB, 29"X21", 2004
180. Le Bestiami di Umbria, OGB, 36"X24", 2004
181. La mostra aperta dal Gruppo Donatello 2003, OGB, 13 7/8"X10 7/8",2004, gift to Il Gruppo Donatello
182. Il Mulino,OGB, 15"x12", 2004, gift to Ceri and Willmott
183. Natura morta a Il Mulino, OGB, 9"x11", 2004, sold
184. Iride di Firenze,OGB, 11 ½"x11 ¾", 2004 185, sold
185. Di sopra il Ponte Vecchio< OGB, 10 7/8"X8", sold to Avoc. Del Re
186. Il Colosseo al tramonto, OGB, 16"X12"
187. L'Arno al tramonto, OGB, 7"X 5 ¾", sold Earnhart and Hill
188. Capanne dei pescatori a Cesenatico(The fiishermen's shacks at Cesenatico),Cesenatico, Italy,Oil on gessoed board,113/4"X12"


189. Sunset at Grayton Beach Florida, OGB, 7"X6", sold
190. Two figures in the surf,morning, Seaside, Florida, 7"X6", sold
191. Sunbathers and Surfishers, Grayton Beach, Florida, 7"X6", sold
192. The dunes at Grayton Beach in 2003, 7"X6", sold
193. Looking West, Grayton Beach, 2003, 16" X 12", sold
194. Elizabeth's counter at morning, oil on gessoed
wood, 5 3/4"X7", sold- Bush
195. Il Serpente da Il Mulino di Feraria, oil on board, 16"X12", commissioned Richarda and Noel Jenkins
196. Il Coloseo e L'Arco del Constantine, Roma; oil on gessoed wood; 16"X12" 2004-5
197. Avallon,France; oil on gessoed wood; 8"X11;2004, sold
198. San Gimignano all'alba; oil on gessoed wood; 18"x12", sold Galyean The medieval towers of San Gimignano seem to modern eyes to be skyscrapers. Here at dawn I captured them scraping the Tuscan sky as the have been doing for the past six or seven hundred years. The early morning fog is settled over the rolling hills of vineyards in the foreground.
199. Il Michelangelo in nascondere, la Cappella di Medici, Firenze; oil on gessoed arched woodblock; 10"X83/8" sold In about 1978 workers restoring the Medici chapel in Florence found beneath the sacristy, in the room where Michelangelo's carvings of the Medici brothers, Lorenzo and Giuliano, stand over their tombs, a hidden room sealed behind a wall. In this room the walls are covered by drawings believed be done by Michelangelo, perhaps when he may have been hiding from the Florentine populous during one of the uprisings which ousted the Medicis, his sponsors and guardians. Until recently, if one knew to ask to see it, you could visit the room, which I did in the autumn of 2000. I understand it is now closed to the public. Since that visit I have been haunted by images of the great artist secluded, away from his studio and his work, taking his frustration at loosing time and putting it into these drawings., sold Galyean
200. Sopra l'Arno al tramonto, Above the Arno at Sunset; Oil on gessoed board, 24 ½ X20 ½ ", 2005 Last year as part of the show in Florence we were given a reception on the loggia of our friend Avvocato Adrea Del Re at his offices overlooking the Arno. The sunset that evening was liquid silver and gold. The distant Apennine Mountains which line the Arno on it's way to Pisa and the sea were bands of gold fading to white silver Unlike any I think I have seen before. Naturally it inspired a painting., donated Angels of Florence
201 The Clouds Below Brasstown Bald, oil on p Brasstown Bald, 4784 ft., is the highest mountain in Georgia. Near the North Carolina border, it is one of several bald mountains in the Smokies. Their hard granite cores are exposed. These are some of the oldest and once the biggest mountains in the world, and they are almost completely worn down to their bones. The great flat lands that run through the Eastern U.S. are the earth washed down from this great Mountain range. Here the morning mist is being drawn from the pines on a small peak and ridge below the larger mountain, forming a cloud above it. Rising and falling life forms repeat themselves throughout the painting which I threatened to call "weed patch".
202. Above Rabun Gap, Georgia, looking South; Oil on gessoed wood, 46.5" X 30.5", May 2005 My Grandfather, Munroe Smith was born in Rabun Gap. I was born on the other side of the Mountains in North Carolina. The haze which turns the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia into the Smoky Mountains of the more humid States further south is apparent in this piece painted of the mountain range on a cloudy afternoon, late summer. Seeing the seemingly endless ridges is always a wonderful experience in atmospheric perspective, the bluing and whitening of things receding in the distance, in this case enhanced by the clouds lying on the land.
203. Abstract
203; oil on canvas; 24"X30"
204. Louis on a glass table; oil on board; 20"X18"
205. White Phalaenopsis Orchid; oil on board; 18 ½" X 20 ½"
206. Smoky Mountain Dusk, Last Color; oil on gessoed wood panel; 36"X36"
207. A Lipstick Sunset on the Smokey Mountains, Oil on gessoed wood panel, 24 ½"X48 ½"
208. Four Seasons mirror frame; gold leaf on bole, gesso, epoxe and polyester resin and poplar wood,w/glass; 48"X66", sold
209. South around Whiteside: oil on gessoed wood; 36"X36" Whiteside Mountain near Highlands,N.C., is a bald faced mountain on the North Carolina-Georgia border. A trail that goes around its south side gives some of the most remarkable views available of the Smoky Mountains. This view looks around the East side of Whiteside at the North Georgia mountains to the South.
210. Smoky Mountain Evening in June, oil on gessoed wood, 30 ¼" X 48 3/8" This is the last of a series of six larger oils of Summer Mountain scenes. They will be shown this coming spring, details later. This series explores the effects of multiple layers of the dominant colors of summer, blue and green, sometimes set against browns and reds in mid-day light, and the glowing tropical colors created at sunset in the dense atmosphere of the Smoky Mountain range; the colorful transparency of air.
211. Red Orchid; oil on gessoed wood; 5 ¾"X6 ¼"
212. Apple#1; oil on gessoed wood; 5"X7"
213. Apple#2; oil on gessoed wood: 5"X7"
214. Il Banco ad Il Mulino, oil on gessoed board,6 ¼" X8 ½"; sold Marco Ceri and Elizabeth Willmott
215. The counter at Il Mulino, oil on gessoed board, 5" X 7", sold Philip and Evelyn Avery


216. Still life; oil on gessoed board; 7"X5"
217. Still life; oil on gessoed board; 5"X7"
218. Still life; oil on gessoed board; 5"X7", sold
219. Still life; oil on gessoed board; 7"X5", sold
220. Still life; oil on gessoed board; 7"X5"
221. Still life; oil on gessoed board: 5"X7" This is the last in this series of six small paintings. Artists find serial paintings like this an excellent way to explore variations in pigment and techniques by repeating the same or similar subjects in order to test the effects of subtle change.
222. The long table at Il Mulino, Ferraia, Italy; Oil on gessoed board; 5"X10", sold Commissioned from #183 to this specified size.
223. Angeli di Firenze; oil on gessoed board; 15"X18 ½" To be shown in the 2006 Mostra Aperto on the piazza Donatello, Gruppo Donatello, Florence, Italy and donated to the Angels of Florence Foundation.
224. Grayton Beach, Florida; oil on gessoed board; 5"X7"
225. Grayton Beach, Florida; oil on gessoed board; 11"X8"
226. Grayton Beach, Florida; oil on gessoed Board; 30"X24"
227 Grayton Beach, Florida; oil on gessoed Board; 11"X9"
228 Mom, after an unsigned 19th Century original; oil on gessoed board; 5"X7"

A number of years ago my associate and dear friend, Evelyn Avery, bought the original of this painting in France and requested a that time that I paint it again someday...It is such a compelling theme that it challenges a painter to make the nature of the paint equivalent to the impact that the subject alone carries. I chose the name.
229 Self portrait, post chemotherapy; oil on canvas; 20"X24"

This coming year I will be giving my 3rd presentation to the Atlanta Portrait Society. This time on the specifics of the painting method I have been studying for the past several years. I thought it best to brush up on my portraiture and since I have undergone such a radical change in appearance recently for reasons obvious in the title of this piece, I decided to make it a self portrait. There is a third compelling reason for this particular composition as well. A few years back I spent a bit of time in the Louvre before a self-portrait of Jacques Louis David, done when he was 20 or so by appearances. The portrait was intriguing to me because it so clearly exemplified the method I mentioned above and want to demonstrate this time before the portrait society.

With severe side lighting on a full frontal face one side of the face was obviously fully painted up through the higher skin tone values while the half of the face in the shadows was obviously the "less completed underpainting. It is a quick portrait, 20 hours work, loosely painted to demonstrate the layering technique I work with called by some "indirect" painting.

By the way, the bald head will be staying.

230 Cardinal's head: graphite on cotton rag board, 10 ½"X14"
231 Floral stillife with peonies, Oil on gessoed plywood, 28"X36", September 2006
232 Floral stillife with lilies, Oil on gessoed plywood, 36"X36", September 2006
233 Kitchen stillife with Italian Ceramics, Oil on gessoed plywood, 5"X7"
234 Kitchen stillife with Apple; Oil on gessoed plywood; 5"X7"
233 Kitchen stillife with Italian Ceramics, Oil on gessoed plywood, 5''X7''
234 Kitchen stillife with Apple; Oil on gessoed plywood; 5''X7''
235 Kitchen stillife; Oil on gessoed hardwood-ply; 5 ¼''X6 3/8''
236 King Charles Spaniel; Oil on gessoed hardwood-ply; 7''X9''
237 a folder of 10 figure studies; various sizes (5''X8'' to 20''X27''), oil washes and graphites.
238 King Charles Spaniel; silverpoint on gessoed 8ply rag matboard, 10 ¾''X14 ¼''
239 Puccini's view, Torre del Lago, Italy; Oil on gessoed hardwood ply; 18''X12''
240 Looking South, Brasstown bald in the distance from the high road to Waynesville, North Carolina; Oil on gessoed hardwood ply; 19''X14''
241 Stillife; Oil on gessoed hardwood ply; 7''X5''
242 Portrait Olin Jackson Bates, Oil on gessoed hardwood ply,14''X14''
243 Portrait Kathleen Whitlow Bates, Oil on gessoed hardwood ply, 12''X14''
244 Kitchen Stillife; Oil on gessoed hardwood ply; 7''X5''


245 Running the Emerald Coast; Oil on gessoed hardwood ply: 18''X16''
246 On The Emerald Coast, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida; Oil on gessoed hardwood ply; 28''X21''
247 Silver Sands 1, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida; Oil on gessoed hardwood ply; 24'' X 18''
248 Silver Sands 2, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida; Oil on gessoed hardwood ply; 24''X 18'' This is the second in a set of two pieces done of the beaches on the Emerald Coast of the Florida Panhandle. Ever since first going there as a young boy I have been stunned by an effect of the lighting at a certain time of day. In the late afternoon, just before sunset, everything takes on the color of mercury, liquid silver. It is a hard phenomenon to photograph as any camera setting I have ever tried cannot capture it.
249 Santa Rosa Beach, Florida; Oil on gessoed hardwood ply; 15'' X 12''
250 Enough Flowers and Light, a Harley Davidson V-Rod; Oil on gessoed hardwood ply, 24''X18'' A few years back a friend, Tag Galyean, of TAG Studios in Virginia, began prompting me to paint him a fast car or motorcycle. This not exactly being my usual thing, I kind of searched for inspiration for a while. Several months back after he had received one of my usual mailings, he wrote back, “Enough flowers and light, I want to see a fast car or motorcycle''. Inspiration finally struck. So after all this time, here you are Tag.
251 Yosemite after Thomas Moran, Eighty Years Before; Oil on gessoed hardwood ply; 12''X9'' This is an audition painting for a hotel in Virginia with a Jeffersonian theme involving the expansion West, Lewis and Clark, etc. The paintings desired require a luminist value in the 19th Century tradition. I learned coincidentally doing this copy from a 5X7 photo in a book that Moran was greatly influenced by Jean Baptiste Corot, whose writings first set me out to discover the beauty of indirect painting some 24 years ago. I have changed his composition to try to reflect the same scene as Louis and Clark might have come upon it roughly eighty years before Moran’s experience. Moran’s image showed only a scattered few tepees on the vast river basin and riders in war bonnets in the foreground. Note the deer on the rump of the horse of the rear hunter in this foreground. The hunt is a symbol of the bounty enjoyed solely by these earlier natives.
252 Blueridge Sunset; Oil on gessoed wood panel; 14 ¼'' X 10 ¼''
253 Confidants; Siverpoint on gessoed cotton rag paper; 22'' X 30''
254 Amir and Melanie Askarian, Oil on gessoed wood panel; 24'' X 20''
255 La Strega; Oil on Canvas; 20''X24''
256 South Along the Hudson in Fall; Oil on gessoed Cotton Rag Board; 16''X13'' One of the best parts of our trip to New York in January for the show was a day trip up along the Hudson River Valley through Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown and other such villages along the River. It is no wonder that the region inspired its own movement in painting. Most people don’t realize such awesome natural rustic beauty is just minutes away from downtown Manhattan by car or train.
257 Good Vibrations; Oil on gessoed hardwood ply; 24'' X 32'' I have been a professional artist since 1970 when I was commissioned by Fort Meyer Virginia to paint the chain of Command from the commandant of Ft Meyer up through Richard Nixon, some twelve portraits as I recall. I have played the guitar since 1963, music and visual art turn inside me in a perpetual dance that drives my existence. Eight or ten years ago I acted on a lifelong desire to play the violin and bought this 19th Century instrument. Much to the chagrin of my two guitars and banjo I have come to now play it the most.
258 After the Rain, Cold Mountain North Carolina; Oil on gessoed cotton rag board; 19''X15''

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